Integration is Here!

Would seeing the below workout on your TrainingPeaks calendar have you sweating even before you left the garage?  Do you take the risk and hope you remember every detail, or perhaps write it down on a Post-it to stick to your stem and hope it doesn’t blow away at 20mph?
If so, then SOLOS Smart Glasses, equipped with our latest app update featuring a slick, new TrainingPeaks “Structured Workouts” integration, could be your new best friend.  Now it is super simple to import workouts like the one below, from your TrainingPeaks account directly into SOLOS, then press start and let SOLOS coach you through each step with an effective combination of visual and audio cues.  SOLOS shows your primary metric (power, hear rate, cadence, etc.) boldly in the center of the display, and uses color-coding to let you know if you are in compliance with the prescribed effort… red means too high or low, green is good to go.  You can set up the Virtual Coach feature to provide verbal feedback, and you get to decide how strict it should be, as well as how often you want to her to bug you.

Sample Workout:
• Warm Up- 10 minutes @ 100-110 bpm, then 3 x 1 minute at 110+ rpm’s
• Step 1- 15 minutes @ 120- 140 watts and a cadence of 85-95 rpm’s
• Step 2- 5 x 1 minute @ 260-280 watts with :30 recovery between @ <100 watts
• Step 3- 20 minutes Tempo @ 180-200 watts and cadence between 60-70 rpm’s
• Cool Down- 15 minutes progressing down to <120 bpm

If you currently don't have the TrainingPeaks, please visit their site today!

SOLOS Screen Gallery:

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